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Dress Code / Matters of Style

Simply purchasing high-quality shoes is enough to bring a buyer joy. However, he becomes a true connoisseur when he learns how to wear them. Correctly combined shoes and suits are the calling card of the successful businessman.

Merely possessing a pair of elegant, high-quality men’s shoes will bring the wearer happiness, but true joy and appreciation first come when he learns how to properly wear them. Although men in the 21st century are no longer subject to the strict style rules of yore, one shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that anything goes nowadays.


A well-dressed appearance conveys an unconscious message

A little patience and ambition are all it takes for an inexperienced shoe buyer to become an informed and sophisticated men’s shoe expert. The value in understanding general dress codes is plain to see; a glance at office apparel confirms this. Those who want to create a good first impression should dress accordingly well. Moreover, a salesman’s good dress sense speaks in favour of the product he’s proffering. A well-dressed appearance quietly upholds traditional values, and unconsciously conveys this message to peers. This in turn can definitely contribute towards building advantageous business relationships.


Can I wear my shoes without socks?

What are the generally accepted dress codes when it comes to men’s shoes? Of course nobody would wear wellies to a festive occasion or highly-polished patent leather shoes to the office. Matters of style such as those are easily recognized—we have a general sense of what is or isn’t appropriate. We might need help, however, when it comes to the specifics. Which types of shoes are the best choice for celebratory occasions, and which ones are better off left at home? Can I wear my shoes without socks? What should the buckle on my monk shoes match, and which shoe colours are appropriate for which settings?

Here, we provide answers and assistance for these and other style questions. Take note, however: these are naturally mere suggestions, and apart from the fact that one should never wear white athletic socks with sandals, nothing is set in stone. However, if a man is interested in dressing elegantly and striking the right chord, he needs to be familiar with general style guidelines. Once he has attained the necessary level of experience, he may create and experiment with his own sense of style.

A look back at shoe history reveals that certain longstanding traditions remain in place today. Classic types of men’s shoes and their construction have hardly changed over the past hundred years. High-quality leather was and remains a prerequisite for high-quality men’s shoes—shoes which, when treated with the proper care, can come to look even better with time. The perfect shoe fit that these types of shoes provide guarantees wearing comfort and helps support healthy feet. Shoes are further distinguished by the production methods with which they are assembled. From choosing the right shoe colour to selecting the perfect model for the occasion, we let you know what to wear.