How To Wear For All Occasions

Learn about Fashion


Take a look at every successful rapper, actor, athlete, or celebrity with noteworthy style, and whether they talk about it or not—there is most likely a fashion stylist behind the scenes planning each look, or pulling pieces of clothing from all over the world. From the outside everything looks like a blast, with all of the cool clothes, celebrities, and nonstop parties, but every job has its perks, and well—actual work to do.

You’ll need to do research, manual labor (fun fact: A full garment bag can weigh up to 15 pounds), and of course, experience. If you’ve ever dreamt of being a part of your favorite rapper, actor, athlete, or magazine’s style team, you’ll need to start at the bottom like everyone else. But you should also take some pointers from a bonafide industry insider to help you rise to the top. Here’s How to Make it: Tips For Becoming a Successful Fashion Stylist.

Learn about Shoes

Pay attention to what trends are happening on the runway and in the marketplace—that knowledge is invaluable in this industry. You’ll have a headstart on what’s hot, and what’s corny, because most clients have no idea of either. On the flipside, other clients might want to steer clear of things other magazines are shooting, or what other people are wearing. That means not only staying up to date on what mask Kanye rocked last night, or what stylish NBA players like Russell Westbrook and Tyson Chandler have been spotted in, but also keeping track of collections from high-end designers and smaller labels with street cred.